Facial Paralysis: A Common Illness


Facial paralysis is a common illness. Person of any age, income and class can be a victim of this. It does not discriminate between male or female. Every kind of disease or disorder is concerned with the immunity power of the human body. When 30 % of the face is suffered by paralysis it is called partial paralysis and 70% is considered to be complete facial paralysis. In the final stage of facial paralysis, the treatment is very long and expensive. As per research mostly in 63% of cases, right side of the face is being found affected in facial paralysis. In another research it is found that it affects 0.1 % people uptill age of 20 years and it affects 0.6 % people uptill age of 80 years. Major problems arising from facial paralysis in patients are mainly – expressions of faint, weak vision, wrinkles, shrivelled face, trouble in closing the eyes. Other problems are – Difficulty in chewing food, difficulty in closing lips, decay and weakening of facial muscles. In one third of the cases it is observed that patients have problem in hearing and continuous tears from eyes.


It has been found in researches that facial paralysis can happen in patients having diabetes, brain tumours, nerve muscle weakness, some viral Infection and can be even infected to woman during pregnancy. It should be treated within 3 hours to 3 days to avoid the disease otherwise it becomes a permanent problem. If the treatment starts in the early stages, the treatment could take up to 10 days to 10 months. The medicines given in such patients is given as per age, height and built. In children medicine is given according to their weight (1 mg per kg).  Treatment for this disease requires and urgent and expert treatment for cure and better results. In few cases it is also observed that physiotherapy and acupuncture and other therapies are also doing wonders to cure such acute disorders.  Such therapies gradually work on the muscles and nerves affected and give better results.

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