Do not Ignore Urine Infection


Urine infection symptoms are not so annoying, and hence one never knows if a person has any serious disease. But one can never make out when this minor illness increases and aggravates to be a major illness.

Urine infection may also result in Renal failure, and its treatment is not easy.  Though it is better to prevent the disease t should be treated with qualified medical advice and complete treatment.

Urine infection symptoms –

Burning sensation with urination, frequent urination, heaviness or pain in the lower abdomen, feeling vomiting or nauseate and sometimes person is affected by cold and fever. These are some signs pointing to urine infection

Reasons of urine infection –

Drinking less water, Controlling urination for long hours, increased prostrate tumours , kidney stones, Bacterial infection in body , inflammation in the pee bag or areas of urination, un- hygienic habits to keep oneself clean

What is tested urine infection –

Urine test, and regular and microscopic examination, kidney test and examination and requirement basis ultrasound, etc.

Urine infection protection –

Consume water as per the weather and season. In the summer, make sure to drink at least two litres of water for a healthy body. Make sure to pass urine every three to four hours. One should urinate before sleeping.  In case of itchy sensation in urinating organs and areas do consult the doctor as needed and get the expert treatment to avoid any further complications and difficulties.