Eat Almond and Stay Fit


Almond is grown and cultivated mostly in Middle East Kabul (Afghanistan). In India, Almond is grown in cold parts especially in western India, Punjab, Kashmir and on the West Coast of the South India. However almond is less oily in India as compared to almond from foreign lands. The almond tree grows to a height of barely two meters. Two types of almond are found mostly – sweet almond and bitter almond. Bitter almonds are found in Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, Sicily and other countries like France. Almond is of great use to humans. It sight disease, chronic cough, bowel disease, breast disease, skin disease, all diseases of the eyes, chronic constipation, and works like magic on throat wheezing . It increases the brain power as compared to no other food in the universe.

Almond oil brings needed moisture for brain which brings sleep and cures headache. It also beings relief in wheezing sounds in ear after putting few drops of almond oil. Almond oil can be extracted by grinding the almonds manually through hands. Sprinkling few drops of hot water and little sugar and continuous grinding, the oil can be extracted from the almond. Almond oil is light yellow in colour and odourless.