Benefits of Neem (Azadirachta indica)


Neem is such a tree which gives lot of benefits by mere sitting and sleeping in shade of the tree.  A substance called Azadirachtince is found in neem leaves and it’s fruits. Apart from this other substances found are Nimbin, Nibsterol, Tenins and sodium marbosate elements.Presented below are the uses and benefits of Neem :

  • Neem blossoms, dry ginger , black salt, and asafoetida in same quantities mixed and consumed regularly gives healthy mind and body. This also makes body resistant to poisonous gas and substances
  • Mixing bark of neem with fenugreek seeds and drinking it regularly cures the body from diabetes and the body remains healthy
  • Bark of neem mixed with ginger and pepper when consumed cures the bad breath and other breathing related problems. The intake of neem juice and honey does wonders in making the body healthy and fit.
  • Neem blossoms and seeds paste with Basil leaf, carom seeds (ajwoin) and pepper when consumed helps in stomach and abdominal related problems.
  • Two of neem seeds, same amount of ginger juice and honey when consumed does wonders in Snowfillia
  • If Snowfillia is extremely unbearable and nose water flows from nose, then neem root juice should be consumed for better results