Try Some of these Herbal Remedies


The Use of Lemon:

  • In vomiting and giddiness – Add white cumin, roasted asafoetida and black pepper little by little in the small quantity of lemon juice and mix it well. Consume it with water
  • Skin disease – Add 2-3 grounded black pepper and a little Multani mud in lemon juice. Apply it on itchy skin patches and rinse it water or bath after 45 mins
  • Increases Appetite – Cut Fresh lemon 2 pieces, sprinkle rock salt on one piece , sprinkle black pepper on other piece and suck the juice of these pieces. This helps in bringing back taste in mouth as well as cures other diseases of stomach. It also increase hunger and appetite
  • In headache – squeezing lemon in place of milk in tea and drinking it cures headache
  • In smell of mouth – Add double rose water to lemon juice and gargle to cure smell from mouth. If smell of the mouth in caused due to constipation, this juice helps to give relief in constipation

The Use of Neem:

  • In Skin Diseases – Neem plays the most important role in curing skin diseases. Mix flowers and leaves in equal volumes of water to a fine paste, first day drink two parts of same, later increase it three parts a day.  Use it for 40 days to cure skin diseases. Neem leaves grinded and added with curd or yogurt when applied on skin cures any fungal infected skin areas.
  • In Abscesses boils – Applying ashes of bark of neem tree does wonders to abscesses boils
  • In Asthma – Add 30 -30 drops of neem seed oil water. Consuming it daily does wonders in asthma through a gradual process curing it from root.
  • In Piles – Grinded Nimboli and equal amounts of Elua plant when consumed together once daily helps in piles
  • Worms in the stomach – Eat vegetables with neem leaves

The Use of Mint:

  • Apply juice of mint leaves as acne vulgaris
  • Add three parts of mint in Peppermint and ajwain and make a solution. Adding three to four drops of the solution in the cold water and consuming cures diseases of stomach and air disorder s
  • Mint sauce mixed in with jaggery helps to digest the food consumed.
  • In Vomiting and diarrhoea, consuming mint juice with onion and lemon juice is beneficial.
  • Boil mint leaves in water. Use this water to rinse and gargle, it cures the smell of mouth
  • On Bee sting or scorpion bites, rub and apply the mint leaves paste for cooling and disinfectant effects
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