Home Remedies

  • Add Gooseberry (Amla) in lemon juice, apply and rub it on the hair roots. This makes hair long, silky and shiny
  • Washing hair with leaves of black sesame seeds while bathing makes hair long and shiny
  • In Turmeric powder and gram flour, add little of oil and cream or milk. Apply the paste over body while bathing for smooth and silky skin. It acts as a best herbal soap in winters
  • Onion is good for digestion and increases cardiovascular efficiency. Regular consumption helps in dilating the bold vessels
  • Grind the raw onions and rub on the soles of the feet during summers. It gives instant relief in headaches and fever
  • Onion juice when rubbed on nose and stomach gives relief to the epilepsy and fainted patients
  • On the complaint of constipation, drink orange juice for 6 – 7 consecutive days for magical relief
  • In Vomiting and giddiness, fresh orange juice with few drops of honey should be given to the patient for instant relief
  • For home-made potato chips, keep them soaked in salted water for some time, this makes the chips white and crunchy
  • Adding a pinch of salt in the tea makes it more delicious
  • Sprinkle pinch of salt in the areas where ants have grouped in kitchen, they will just disperse and run away
  • To remove spots from porcelain cutlery, use wet cloth soaked in salt water and rub the spot are with this, it removes the spots from the cutlery
  • Putting feet in warm water with little salt in it reduces swelling of the legs
  • Not feeling hungry, add ordinary rock salt in mago juice and mix well. Consume little amounts each day before dinner to increase appetite
  • Ginger not only adds flavour to food, work wonders in advancing hunger. Add salt and lemon juice in ginger paste, eat it daily along with lunch and dinner, it helps in increasing the appetite