Back Pain – A Common Illness


Millions of people in the world suffering from back pain. A Research Company once claimed a few years ago that 85 percent of the world population bears the back pain several times in lifetime.

Today, after three decades of age, all men fall into the clutches of this pain. On little weight lifting, often in unloading from higher positions, bending, standing or sitting on a seat for long hours, the back pain arises frequently. In that case walking, standing, swinging, or any other movement causes severe and unbearable pain. Regardless of what the reason is that the pain may be in any age, in any person, it makes the person physically unable to do the work. The person due to unbearable pain becomes frustrated and depressed.

Reason: Medical scientists have listed the five main causes of Backpain-

  • Wrong Posture
  • Body overweight
  • Weakness in body
  • Because of a disease or illness
  • Due to mental stress

Nowadays not getting a balanced diet, living in polluted conditions and having stress, the patients of back pain are increasing.

What to do for prevention:

If patient gets immediate relief on treatment, one should still find the reason for backpain. Wrong posture is the leading cause of back pain; one should get expert advice from doctor about precautions for all kinds of movements. Reading and studying in wrong posture, brisk walking on being overweight, lying incorrectly, wearing high heel sandals, watching TV while laying down, working for long hours while sitting on floor should be avoided or taken care off.

Similarly, being overweight as compared to the height is also prone to back pain.  If the person has too much weight, one should consult a qualified physician for balanced diet, exercise, and should avoid eating rice, sugar, oil, butter.  Crash dieting, the weight loss pills, should be taken only on consultation from experienced doctor, otherwise it may lead to reverse effects.

Other reason to back pain is no or less exercise, constant lethargy, sleeping on soft bed, not able to have sufficient sleep. Over-exercise and working all day while standing, working over capacity, also causes back pain.

Back pain may also result from diabetes, spinal deformity, breakage or curvature, excess weightlifting.  Today that man is forced to live in stress, anxiety at all times, this often results in insomnia, headache and back pain

Consult the expert physician for treatment and exercise. Avoid taking fried & fast food in food intake. Milk, yogurt, butter, green vegetables, salads, fruit juices, etc. should be consumed. One should sit, walk and work in the correct posture to avoid back pain.