Why is Cooked Food Important!


If food nutrition expert suggest raw food to be healthy then why do we waste so much time in cooking. The obvious answer is well & beautifully cooked and artistically served food is all what we like and take us to heaven through the taste buds.

There are many necessary reasons for cooking. The first and foremost is that it destroys the microbes which cause diseases like typhoid, cholera and jaundice. Before cooking washing of fruits and vegetables from outside clears away the non-important things such as dirt and dust.  To kill harmful bacteria in food, the best way is to cook the food in steam or pressure cooker.  If the pressure cooker works well, its inside temperature should be 121.5 ° C, which surely destroys the harmful bacteria in our food.

Another procedure is boiling the food and water which makes it pure and clean for consumption. Drinking water should be boiled for at least 10 minutes so to destroy the harmful bacteria. Unfortunately after some time the bacteria starts flourishing again in the water, hence after boiling, the water should be covered and kept in cold storage area. So food and water to the boil and cook covered on cool place.

Another important reason for cooking is that it is easier to digest cooked food.  Cooking breaks down the food into simpler fats and proteins which is easily digested in the stomach. The best example is roasted spices. An element that comes from roasting the spices when consumed plays a vital role in formation and function of muscle cells in the body. It also helps in stoppage of fat formation in liver. Hence apart from making the food taste better, roasted spices also helps to keep the human body healthy and fit. Now there is all the more reason to understand the importance of traditional Indian cooking method.

There are many other reasons for cooking.  Some elements which are found in foods are very nutritious but are not easy to digest. These ingredients are likely to occur in soybeans, beans, peas and egg white. These disruptive elements in digestion are likely to be destroyed by cooking.  If you feel one should consume raw egg to strengthen the body, then one should be aware that it not only causes infection but also slows down the digestion process in small intestine.  The other element named Avidin albumen is found in raw egg and disrupts the absorption of Vitamin B in digestive tract, but it is destroyed by cooking at normal temperature.

Thiaminase is an enzyme found in raw crab, shrimp and other sea-foods which causes massive disruption in absorption of vitamins in the body and converts Vitamin B in inactive state. Similarly, an element named Gastrogen acts as barrier in absorption of Iodine by the Thyroid gland, but the element tends to be destroyed during cooking, so these elements do not cause any harm to human body.

Now it is obvious that even if the food is cooked for better taste, it comes with many benefits. This also does not mean that all the food should be cooked  as some of the vitamins and minerals are so fragile and fine that may get washed away or destroyed merely by cutting and washing. Hence at least one fruit and salad intake with food is necessary to keep the balance of minerals and nutrients.