Eat Cabbage – Stay Healthy


Cabbage as a vegetable is one of the regular vegetables we come across, but in reality each of its part and leaf is full of nutritive properties. It is a blessing for people who want to have weight loss. Eat cabbage salad once in a day and stay slim and toned. It has recently been discovered that a new element Tartaric acid found in cabbage. This element has stormed away the people in the field of beauty and beauty products.

What could be a simpler way of dieting? From Hundred grams of cabbage only 30 Cal is received and from 100 grams of wheat bread 240 KCal is received. Cabbage gives low calories but high volumes of nutrition. The ideal food for dieting person is cabbage as the person feels full after eating cabbage and at the same time cabbage creates conducive state for digestion of food.

Sick people can benefit from cabbage. In the decade of 50s, Doctors have that fresh cabbage juice helps in the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers. It also helps in curing other stomach related disorders. Scientists have discovered ulcer resistant substance in fresh cabbage which is also named as Vitamin “U”. This letter is derived from the word Ulas in Latin which means ulcers.

Cellulose derived from cabbage is beneficial to human health. The most important benefit of cellulose is that it removes cholesterol.  Thus prevents artery from getting blocked and also helps in carbohydrate metabolism. Thus cabbage should be an essential part of people’s food who is suffering from diabetes. Cabbage leaves are beneficial especially for people suffering from Anemia as high doses of vitamin are found in cabbage.

It is found that cabbage also contains substance which has bacteria resistant properties but full information is not available currently. In ancient times, fresh cabbage leaves were used in the local medicines of Russia. This was used in injuries, in the treatment of burns and torn skin areas during winter.  Cabbage leaf vegetable pulp mixed with raw egg yolk was used as ointment.  Cabbage juice mixed with boiled water and diluting the same is used for gargle. Cabbage juice and pulp is also used for massaging hair for long, shiny hair. The use of leaf pulp is done to treat a broken bones and joints.

Chopped cabbage mixed with salt is allowed to sour as per German method, such sour cabbage is called as Sauerkraut. Vitamins are found in abundance in Sauerkraut.  Salted water of cabbage has medicinal properties. Physicians recommend it as a digestive stimulant and tonic to increase appetite.

Many scientists believe was the salted and sour cabbage can treat many diseases such as high blood pressure. Sauerkraut also helps in curing renal disorders in the event of diagnosis of intestine dysfunction.

The Sauerkraut is also used to cure heart diseases. But prior to use additional amounts of its salts should be removed by washing it thoroughly. Thus Sauerkraut is boon for the patients suffering from stomach ulcers and disorders and liver defects.

It is believed that the English name of the cabbage was given in ancient Rome. Cabbage is derived from Latin word “Keput” which means “Important” or “Major”.  Scientists have now proven that the fibrous elements and vitamins found in cabbage are mainly rich in vitamin C.