How to Stay Healthy when you Travel


Nowadays whether its train or bus, you barely get space to sit comfortably. Human beings have to suffer the suffocation due to infected and polluted air. Each human body exhales an unpleasant and pleasant odour from the body which affects the other surrounding persons. Given several reasons to protect the health in long journey, utmost care is required of what we eat and drink during travels.

When leaving for journey, never have full stomach meal. Excessive food intake will cause more sleep and tiredness during the journey. If you are not in a position to sleep when you actually feel sleepy, it may cause agitation and discomfort to the body. Falling asleep may also put your baggage at risk for being stolen.  While travelling, one should avoid consumption of pickles & spices as it may make your throat thirstier. Sometimes during travel we face difficulties to find pure drinking water.

While on the trip, one should consume milk, buttermilk, yogurt and fruits & juices which gives energy and physical capability to stand for long hours during the journey. It also keeps the body hydrated and combats the polluted environment during higher temperature seasons. It is always advised to drink only mineral water during travel so as to avoid drinking any contaminated water which cause water borne diseases.